Virtual Reality Game Night

Mar 29

Sunday, March 29th
4 PM – 8 PM

It’s time for a Virtual Sunday Funday!

Game Night Dallas is back at BrainDead for another social game night featuring Virtual Reality, Jackbox Trivia, retro N64 games, and 4-player Co-Op PC games!

We’ll set up the games, and you can just hang out, drink great beers, eat great food and play some great indie games.

Virtual Reality Games:
Wanna check out Virtual Reality? We’ve got our favorite VR games like Drunkn’ Bar Fight where you try to beat up all the unsuspecting bar patrons in a Virtual environment. We’ll keep you safe as you immerse yourself in the game.

Jackbox Games Trivia:
We love Jackbox Games trivia like Fibbage, Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party. Join in the lobby room code at and play along against other players in Braindead. See who can come up with the best answers to fool players in Fibbage. Or see who creates the most creative Quips in Quiplash. Or try to survive a deadly trivia game with a psychopathic host in Trivia Murder Party.

Retro N64 games:
We’ve got hundreds of N64 games including Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Goldeneye and much more! Plus we’ve even got Gamecube games to play as well. So you can pop over and play some Mario Party with your friends as well.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the 1st and last Sunday of the month for our special VR Game Nights at BrainDead. If you share the event with your friends, we’ll treat you to your first beer for free!

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