Que P

Mar 20


Que P

Hailing from Nawf Dallas, Que P is one of the most seasoned rappers in the city. He has steadily risen through the ranks of the local hip-hop scene. He planted his roots in the Deep Ellum music community, stayed on his grind, and is now poised to be one of the leaders of a new wave of street-oriented rap. He is a damn good rapper, with an intelligently hood, charismatic swagger and delivery reminiscent of hip hop giants.

Never one to shy away from confrontation, he is at the forefront of a movement called #NewDallas. Que P has no problem calling out the lack of shared appreciation between hip-hop acts in his hometown. He is adamant in doing his part to try and change that by remaining solid through it all.

Many Dallas hip-hop fans are curious to see what Que P does from this point onward.

10pm – 1am