Cleon Edwards with RC Williams

Mar 27


Born, taught and trained in Ferris, Texas. I started playing at the age of 2 with the typical story of the church kid. I just had a verrrry groovy father to sit and listen to at church AND at home. He introduced to the sounds of Chris Dave EARLY in life. Then later Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and a few others. I arrived on the Dallas ‘scene’ at about 17 where I was sneaking around the Jam Sessions trying not to be seen or called out to play. Fast forward 16 years later… and I’m still around kicking when I can. I have my own band, Cleon Edwards and Tha HungryJaxx, and I’m currently a member of Legendary Dallas Band, Rc, and The Gritz Band, along with some of the new fire of the city Randy McGill and Eclectic.


10pm – 1am